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Malloy Web Services works closely with every client to empower them with an effective strategy including all the features and tools they need to make their web site a true asset to their organization. Discover what we can do for you by reviewing what we've already done for others. Client: Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society / Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers
Industry: Professional Sports : Ice Hockey
Web Site:
Client Since: 2003
Summary: PHATS/SPHEM is an association of professional hockey athletic trainers and equipment managers from the National Hockey League and various other professional, collegiate, and junior leagues from around the world. They have approximately 500 members and over 150 vendors and advertisers who participate in their web site, printed directory and annual convention each year. Their web site - - serves as the central hub point of all communication, information and coordination for all their operations and activities.


Services Performed

  • Custom Web site design
  • Web site restructure
  • New database architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Members-only web section
  • Site & data management tools
  • Custom download reports
  • Integration of 3rd party software
  • Real-time secure e-commerce
  • Merchant Account / Payment Gateway
  • Membership tracking
  • Member profile tools
  • Monthly maintenance
  • E-mail and contact management
  • Web hosting

Client Feedback...

"By working with Malloy Web Services, our operations have greatly improved from where we were 5 years ago. Everything we do now is either fully automated or at least easy to manage. We have a centralized database for everything. We now have a large members-only area of the web site, where we centralize communication, and our members log in to keep their information up to date. Credit and transactions and everything else are done online (no more manual processing). All I can really say is that Malloy Web Services is an extremely capable and accommodating firm that will definitely work with you to help you "figure it out" and provide solutions, no matter what you ask for."

Anita Ramsay - Project Manager: PHATS/SPHEM

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